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Warning signs you need new tyres

Tyres aren’t the kind of item you buy to treat yourself, rather they’re usually bought purely out of necessity. In order to keep you safe it’s essential to replace your tyres before disaster strikes. In this blog we share the warning signs to look out for before your tyres end like this…

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We’ve put together our top 5 signs you might need new tyres, if one or more of these apply to you it might be time to stop by our Bognor Regis garage for some new ones…

  1. They’ve taken a serious battering from nasty weather and poor road conditions such as potholes (we’ve covered how to prevent pothole damage)

  1. Your tyres have worn below the legal tread limit

  1. You’re experiencing an increased braking distance and poor grip in wet weather

  1. Your tyres have worn unevenly, whether though under inflation, over inflation or due to your wheel alignment (if this is the case we will inspect your tyres and offer you a complimentary wheel alignment check).

  1. The tyres aren’t right for your vehicle. If you’ve bought your car second hand be extra vigilant if you haven’t checked or replaced your tyres yet. Driving with the wrong type of tyres can cause long lasting damage to your car.  

If you’re unsure whether your tyres need replacing we’re happy to take a look at them in person. We’d much rather spend time checking your tyres are safe, and we’ll never try to sell you new tyres if they just aren’t needed.

Need new tyres?
Take advantage of our latest tyre offers, that way you can treat yourself whilst still staying safe on the road. Give us a call on 01243 826827 or send us an email to get a free quote on fitting your car with new tyres.

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