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When buying tyres you have to consider not only the size of the wheel and the load rating, but also the type of vehicle and what you will be using the vehicle for. This is particularly the case if you are running a high-mileage vehicle, like a van! Bognor Tyre & Exhaust have been fitting tyres in West Sussex since 2002. Read on to find out what you should consider when buying van tyres. Van Tyres - The Breakdown Van tyres have a very specific construction for high-stress usage of carry [...]

You have probably heard that there is a difference between winter and summer tyres, but is it really necessary to own at least two sets? Bognor Tyre and Exhaust have been expertly fitting tyres in West Sussex since 2002.   Read on to learn why it is important to change your tyres with the seasons, to ensure your car of the best driving performance. Summer and winter tyres - what’s the difference? The main differences lie within the materials and treads used to make winter and summer tyres. [...]

If you are wondering why anyone would want to replace a perfectly fine OEM exhaust, then this blog will help you. A better performing exhaust not only provides you with more power - but a nicer soundtrack for your ride too! Each aftermarket exhaust offers distinctive sound features, so choosing the one for you, is often down to a matter of personal preference.  Below is a list of some of the most revered aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, however some of them may not pass on an MOT test an [...]

Believe it or not, the markings on your tyres are not as random as modern T-shirt inscriptions; they all mean something.  Once you understand what they mean, you can become familiar with what they represent, which is really helpful when you need to buy rims or new tyres for your car.   In this blog we’ll help you learn all you need to know about reading - and understanding the sidewall of your tyres.  And don’t forget, our expert fitters at Bognor Tyres are always on hand to help you too. [...]

Tyres aren’t the kind of item you buy to treat yourself, rather they’re usually bought purely out of necessity. In order to keep you safe it’s essential to replace your tyres before disaster strikes. In this blog we share the warning signs to look out for before your tyres end like this…        We’ve put together our top 5 signs you might need new tyres, if one or more of these apply to you it might be time to stop by our Bognor Regis garage for some new ones… They’ve taken a serio [...]

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